Sunday, November 4, 2012

Elevator: 50 Floors of Terror

Hey guys! Sorry to post late, Hurricane Sandy knocked out my Internet. I'm currently posting on my iPad at my Nana's house, so I'm afraid there's no pictures today. This idea is inspired by "weird RPGs", like Earthbound or Contact.

You're an average business man on the way to the top floor of your office building. However, something weird has happened to your office today. An alien spaceship has crashed on the top of the building, and all it's inhabitants have decided to spread to all the floors. Your mission is to get to the top and defeat all the aliens you can.

A first person RPG that has you walking around on each floor of the building in search of the next elevator up to the next floor.

Battles occur when the player gets close to an enemy. You and your party all take a particular "stance", either Offense, Defense, Heal or Magic, and their attack set is modeled after that stance. Stances are decided when you first get a party member. You can later change these stances at computers on different floors for a fee.

You can talk with party members each time you get into an elevator. You can choose which ones you want to go with you, as well as engage in small talk to upgrade certain stats.

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