Sunday, September 23, 2012

Time's Tower: Unsinkable Starship

Deep space, 2222.
You're a mechanic on board a ship known as Time's Tower... A ship you know absolutely nothing about. For example, why are they so deep in space? What are they carrying on board that's so important? Why is it called Time's Tower? As you walk around the ship wondering these questions, a mysterious object hits the ship and causes it to crash-land on a nearby planet.

You wake up in the harsh, dry desert, with nothing in sight but a huge sandstone building. You walk in to find a ghost before your eyes. Are you seeing things? Apparently not, because this phantom isn't going away. In fact, he wants to join your team. He claims he is a "learner spirit", that is, he can learn abilities from other ghosts. You and your new friend now look for the sunken ship and the rest of the crew on the planet.

The mechanic alongside the Learner Spirit. 
Meanwhile, strange humanoid like creatures are trying to get a hold of the crew and whatever was inside Time's Tower. It turns out in the end that Time's Tower is a holding facility for a time traveler spirit, kept in space to prevent anybody from reaching it, including enemy governments. The mysterious object that hit the ship was a missile from an enemy ship. When the crew tries to get away with the spirit, their captain is shot and killed. The learner spirit finally learns his last ability... Time Travel. You and the crew go back in time and manage to stop the missile that crashed the ship from ever being launched. Time reverts itself to an alternate timeline, in which your crew never learns the secrets of Time's Tower.

A final shot of the planet's surface is shown. A kid is seen sleeping within the sandstone structure you entered at the beginning of the game. That kid was your learner spirit.

The game is a platformer with backtracking (a metroidvania). As you fight bosses in the game (spirits), your learner spirit gains new abilities to help you get into places you couldn't get into before. Your goal is to collect pieces of the ship and find all of the crew members so you can pilot a make-shift ship back into space.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Detective Jones: The Misplaced

Have you ever had a day where you feel you're misplaced? A day where you feel like you're in the entirely wrong universe? That's how Detective Jones feels everyday of his new life. A cold, hard-boiled detective, set in a fantasy world of heroes and demons, Detective Jones hasn't worked on any case since he arrived... Until one day, he learns about a string of murders that aren't committed by the demons. Nobody besides Detective Jones has investigation skills in this world, so it's up to him to solve it. Can Detective Jones really fit into this world, or is he just bound to flounder in the land of magic for the rest of his life?

The gameplay is a mix between an RPG and a point-and-click adventure. Inside of investigation rooms, you can look around and find items, either for battles or puzzles. These segments progress you into the story, and can also unlock new areas and give you partners to fight enemies with.

An investigation room. This one is outside of Jone's office.
There are certain pathways to get to other investigation rooms known as fighting rooms. These rooms contain enemies to fight, so you can level up and fight better enemies later on. During fighting segments, you can investigate items and enemies to learn about their traits or possibly how to beat them, at the cost of a turn. You can use your entire inventory during battle to fight enemies, sometimes yielding interesting results.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Nimbus 9

This game tells the tale of two shipping companies: The Oak City Shipping Co. and the Global Shipping Industries. Naturally, they're enemies. You play as Roderick, a newbie who pilots the airplane known as the Nimbus 9. You're up against Bobby, a hotshot pilot who works for the GSI, which also happens to currently be the world's biggest shipping company. You have two jobs: Deliver your packages and eliminate the competition.

Roderick with the Nimbus 9.
A shoot'emup where you pilot the already mentioned Nimbus 9. You shoot enemies flying though the sky and pick up packages that can drop from them. Packages are considered the health of your plane: The more you collect, the more hits you can take before your plane goes down. Packages also count towards your score at the end of each level.

A mock screenshot showing Gameplay.

Saturday, September 1, 2012


A corporation has created a zombie virus to terrorize citizens of a small town and extort money from them. Jake, an average teen in this small town, gets his father killed after not obeying the rules. He's fed up with all of this. He plans to stop this once and for all.
Jake, the protagonist, depicted with signature weapon, the Shotgun.

The gameplay is similar to something called a Roguelike. In this genre of game, you walk on a map and explore dungeons in a turn-like fashion. When you take a turn, your enemy also takes a turn. Combat occurs completely on the map, also, and not in a separate combat system like in a typical RPG. Wikipedia has the complete definition here.

In this game, you play as Jake, walking around in either buildings, forests or cities. You have a gun with limited ammo that can shoot powerful blasts. If you run out of ammo, you resort to a less powerful punch attack. You can pick up more ammo of course, but you can only carry so much.

You would have teammates as well that could have different powers and weapons. Jake's younger, depressed brother would be your first teammate, and you could pick up other optional teammates later in the story.

Jake's brother, Jonas. He joins you at the very beginning of the game.
You can level up to increase your stats, but you could also equip different weapons to change stats as well. If you'd rather have a more powerful punch than your gun, you can equip brass knuckles, for example.

Updated 9/2/2012 -  Jake and Jonas concept art added.