Sunday, November 25, 2012

Wii Will RebUild

 Author's Note: This game is inspired by a new piece of technology that came out recently, the Wii-U. It's also, I believe, subconsiously inspired by ZombiU, as well as Rayman Origins.

Your typical post-apocalypse story: Peaceful place, darkness takes over said place, a group of young teens sets out to rebuild the land and defeat the source. (Honestly, this game is not dependent on the story.)

A platformer meant for more than one player, with a few key differences.

One player plays as the inventory keeper. He/she will keep all of the items collected in a Resident Evil style fashion, meaning that some items will take up more grid space than others. If this player dies, part of the inventory is lost. If every player dies, part of the inventory is lost as well.
One character fighting a dark being. Note the gamepad, which shows the inventory.
The inventory comes in handy for two things: Revival of Characters and building the village. After each stage, you head back to the village and build inns, hospitals and other buildings, for the purposes of improving your character's weapons, reviving characters, etc. If a character dies, they will not respawn until you sacrifice an item from the inventory at a graveyard. If every character dies, they will all respawn at the village (with part of their inventory removed, as stated.)

After each visit to the village, you are given a map piece to chart your course to the castle. You can place the piece to a connecting roadway to enter a level. If the path ever splits into two, you have the chance to receive a special dead-end piece. Completing a dead-end level is optional, but it will give you special items if completed.

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