Sunday, November 18, 2012

Joe: The REALLY Foreign Exchange Student

 Author's note: Sorry for being so late this time around! This idea is inspired by the original Toejam and Earl game.

A foreign exchange student has come from another world to take classes inside of your computer. He's decided to crash inside of your monitor for a little while until he's gotten all his assignments done. The only problem is that he doesn't have the materials he needs to get all of them done.
Joe, the exchange student, inside of the Monitor.
You'll need to guide him through space and time to get them, ranging from a rare dinosaur egg for Culinary, to a Rosetta Stone for World Language.

A mixture between a social RPG and a live-action roguelike. Inside of dungeons, you guide Joe around using the mouse. Depending on his current mood, he'll follow your move. Joe's mood can change according to how you're guiding him. If you have him take too much damage, he can become resistant to following you and go on his own path. If you accidentally hurt something friendly, he'll begin to cry and his movement will slow down, etc,  etc. Joe, while a friendly person, can also fight with a click of the right mouse button. Your aim in each floor is to go up a floor using the stairs, until you find what you're looking for.

His mood is also impacted by what happens inside of the Monitor, outside of dungeons. Joe is a frequent TV watcher, so during free time, you can choose what programs he watches, ranging from soap operas to action flicks. Joe is also a frequent water drinker, so you must keep a steady supply of it from dungeons in the Monitor. Joe can also read from his assigned textbooks to learn skills to use in dungeons later on. If you don't want to play a dungeon right away, you can always listen to Joe's many non-sequiturs and funny observations of life.

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