Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Chemical Complex

The first post in quite a long time... Bits and pieces of this idea floated around with me at the time I came up with Joe: The REALLY Foreign Exchange Student. I originally dismissed them as being too creepy or unsettling. I just recently went back to working on them again. How I remembered, I'll never quite know. Anyway, enjoy this small idea - even if the title is slightly misleading.

An alien has recently crash-landed on a foreign planet with his girlfriend. While he survived the crash, his girlfriend has gone into a bizarre, emotionless state. The ship's on-board computer suggests that she may have lost her emotions during the crash. The computer suggests finding chemical compounds that stimulate emotions for an emergency "feeling transplant." First, though, you have to find these compounds.

A feeling of fear strikes the alien. "What if I can't find them?" The ships sensors recognize the emotion, and the ship scans the planet for a similar deposit. Luckily enough, a great wealth is found nearby. Time for this alien to go on an expedition!

Along the way, he meets more friends, encounters new enemies, and learns how to feel all over again.

A quirky Role-Playing Game based on wit, timing, and cunning. Battles are fought using the WeST System (WEak Spot Timing System.) 
In the WeST System, you can target certain points on your enemy instead of a general attack like in most RPGs. For example, if an enemy is about to fall over, (on their tip-toes,) if you time it just right and hit their feet, the enemy will fall over and take a massive amount of damage. However, if you mess up the timing, your enemy will still get hurt, but YOU will take damage as well.
An example of an enemy about to fall over. Hit him in just the right spot to deal huge amounts of damage!
This also works during the enemy's attack phase. If an enemy is about to throw a punch, you can counter his fist to avoid damage.
You can also use emotions you find as attacks (magic.) The first emotion, fear, can be used as a status ailment on certain enemies to keep them from attacking. Other emotions, such as happiness, heal you or your allies. There are also some that deal damage, such as anger.