Monday, October 22, 2012

Chaos Generation

Tagline: "Sibling Rivalry at its Finest."

A precious family heirloom has been stolen, and is about to be sold on the black market for a potential fortune! As one of the two siblings of the family, your mission is to follow the trail to the treasure with your family mate... While simultaneously sabotaging his every move.
The Siblings, Players 1 and 2.
A beat 'em up that is both cooperative and versus. Everything you do, pick up or defeat earns you gold. If your teammate is K.O.'d and you have enough gold to bring him back, it will automatically be deducted from YOUR score and he will be brought back into play. This encourages you to keep your teammate alive, a cooperative aspect.

Gold is tallied up at the end of each level to decide a winner for that level. It's also later tallied up at the end of the game and counts as a level score. The winner is the one who won the majority of the levels, which makes it a versus game.

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