Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I WOULD PLAY THAT is now on Tumblr!

I WOULD PLAY THAT, my blog series dedicated to made-up video games, is back, and now on Tumblr! This post’s game is known as Shockjockey. It has a lot of diverse inspirations, including games like Final Fight, Cave Story, and maybe a little bit of Gunstar Heroes thrown in. Sounds weird? That’s because it is! Subscribe to my new Tumblr to find out more!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Chemical Complex

The first post in quite a long time... Bits and pieces of this idea floated around with me at the time I came up with Joe: The REALLY Foreign Exchange Student. I originally dismissed them as being too creepy or unsettling. I just recently went back to working on them again. How I remembered, I'll never quite know. Anyway, enjoy this small idea - even if the title is slightly misleading.

An alien has recently crash-landed on a foreign planet with his girlfriend. While he survived the crash, his girlfriend has gone into a bizarre, emotionless state. The ship's on-board computer suggests that she may have lost her emotions during the crash. The computer suggests finding chemical compounds that stimulate emotions for an emergency "feeling transplant." First, though, you have to find these compounds.

A feeling of fear strikes the alien. "What if I can't find them?" The ships sensors recognize the emotion, and the ship scans the planet for a similar deposit. Luckily enough, a great wealth is found nearby. Time for this alien to go on an expedition!

Along the way, he meets more friends, encounters new enemies, and learns how to feel all over again.

A quirky Role-Playing Game based on wit, timing, and cunning. Battles are fought using the WeST System (WEak Spot Timing System.) 
In the WeST System, you can target certain points on your enemy instead of a general attack like in most RPGs. For example, if an enemy is about to fall over, (on their tip-toes,) if you time it just right and hit their feet, the enemy will fall over and take a massive amount of damage. However, if you mess up the timing, your enemy will still get hurt, but YOU will take damage as well.
An example of an enemy about to fall over. Hit him in just the right spot to deal huge amounts of damage!
This also works during the enemy's attack phase. If an enemy is about to throw a punch, you can counter his fist to avoid damage.
You can also use emotions you find as attacks (magic.) The first emotion, fear, can be used as a status ailment on certain enemies to keep them from attacking. Other emotions, such as happiness, heal you or your allies. There are also some that deal damage, such as anger.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Wii Will RebUild

 Author's Note: This game is inspired by a new piece of technology that came out recently, the Wii-U. It's also, I believe, subconsiously inspired by ZombiU, as well as Rayman Origins.

Your typical post-apocalypse story: Peaceful place, darkness takes over said place, a group of young teens sets out to rebuild the land and defeat the source. (Honestly, this game is not dependent on the story.)

A platformer meant for more than one player, with a few key differences.

One player plays as the inventory keeper. He/she will keep all of the items collected in a Resident Evil style fashion, meaning that some items will take up more grid space than others. If this player dies, part of the inventory is lost. If every player dies, part of the inventory is lost as well.
One character fighting a dark being. Note the gamepad, which shows the inventory.
The inventory comes in handy for two things: Revival of Characters and building the village. After each stage, you head back to the village and build inns, hospitals and other buildings, for the purposes of improving your character's weapons, reviving characters, etc. If a character dies, they will not respawn until you sacrifice an item from the inventory at a graveyard. If every character dies, they will all respawn at the village (with part of their inventory removed, as stated.)

After each visit to the village, you are given a map piece to chart your course to the castle. You can place the piece to a connecting roadway to enter a level. If the path ever splits into two, you have the chance to receive a special dead-end piece. Completing a dead-end level is optional, but it will give you special items if completed.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Joe: The REALLY Foreign Exchange Student

 Author's note: Sorry for being so late this time around! This idea is inspired by the original Toejam and Earl game.

A foreign exchange student has come from another world to take classes inside of your computer. He's decided to crash inside of your monitor for a little while until he's gotten all his assignments done. The only problem is that he doesn't have the materials he needs to get all of them done.
Joe, the exchange student, inside of the Monitor.
You'll need to guide him through space and time to get them, ranging from a rare dinosaur egg for Culinary, to a Rosetta Stone for World Language.

A mixture between a social RPG and a live-action roguelike. Inside of dungeons, you guide Joe around using the mouse. Depending on his current mood, he'll follow your move. Joe's mood can change according to how you're guiding him. If you have him take too much damage, he can become resistant to following you and go on his own path. If you accidentally hurt something friendly, he'll begin to cry and his movement will slow down, etc,  etc. Joe, while a friendly person, can also fight with a click of the right mouse button. Your aim in each floor is to go up a floor using the stairs, until you find what you're looking for.

His mood is also impacted by what happens inside of the Monitor, outside of dungeons. Joe is a frequent TV watcher, so during free time, you can choose what programs he watches, ranging from soap operas to action flicks. Joe is also a frequent water drinker, so you must keep a steady supply of it from dungeons in the Monitor. Joe can also read from his assigned textbooks to learn skills to use in dungeons later on. If you don't want to play a dungeon right away, you can always listen to Joe's many non-sequiturs and funny observations of life.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Elevator: 50 Floors of Terror

Hey guys! Sorry to post late, Hurricane Sandy knocked out my Internet. I'm currently posting on my iPad at my Nana's house, so I'm afraid there's no pictures today. This idea is inspired by "weird RPGs", like Earthbound or Contact.

You're an average business man on the way to the top floor of your office building. However, something weird has happened to your office today. An alien spaceship has crashed on the top of the building, and all it's inhabitants have decided to spread to all the floors. Your mission is to get to the top and defeat all the aliens you can.

A first person RPG that has you walking around on each floor of the building in search of the next elevator up to the next floor.

Battles occur when the player gets close to an enemy. You and your party all take a particular "stance", either Offense, Defense, Heal or Magic, and their attack set is modeled after that stance. Stances are decided when you first get a party member. You can later change these stances at computers on different floors for a fee.

You can talk with party members each time you get into an elevator. You can choose which ones you want to go with you, as well as engage in small talk to upgrade certain stats.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Chaos Generation

Tagline: "Sibling Rivalry at its Finest."

A precious family heirloom has been stolen, and is about to be sold on the black market for a potential fortune! As one of the two siblings of the family, your mission is to follow the trail to the treasure with your family mate... While simultaneously sabotaging his every move.
The Siblings, Players 1 and 2.
A beat 'em up that is both cooperative and versus. Everything you do, pick up or defeat earns you gold. If your teammate is K.O.'d and you have enough gold to bring him back, it will automatically be deducted from YOUR score and he will be brought back into play. This encourages you to keep your teammate alive, a cooperative aspect.

Gold is tallied up at the end of each level to decide a winner for that level. It's also later tallied up at the end of the game and counts as a level score. The winner is the one who won the majority of the levels, which makes it a versus game.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Long Journey to Darkness

Author's Note: This game is based on two things, the Playstation era of games and that I've noticed my ideas taking a turn for the gloomy. Don't be fooled by the title, it's supposed to be a more "happy-go-lucky" sort of experience.

You're Space Captain James Carmen, on a mission to stop "The Darkness" on the edge of the universe with your crew. However, on the way, you have to stop for refueling every so often. This requires interaction with whatever alien lifeforms are on the planet. Not every planet will be willing to give in so easily. Be prepared for battles, both mentally, and physically, as you go on your Long Journey to Darkness...
Captain Carmen, the main character.
An RPG with 3D backgrounds and 2D characters overlapped on it. You can explore the world around you, solve puzzles and fight enemies.
An example of the overworld.
During Battle, instead of standing completely still during battle, you can jump around to 4 predetermined spots using the D-pad. If an enemy does an attack, you might be able to avoid it before it hits you. You can also swat whatever is coming at you in case something goes above your jump height. Sometimes, you can both jump and swat while in the air for an Ultra-Volley, which does great amounts of damage to your enemy.
The battle system. Note the d-pad buttons on the ground.
Another element of this d-pad movement is incorporated into status ailments. Becoming dizzy reverses d-pad movement. Becoming paralyzed will make you stay in the last spot you were on until it wears off.

Eventually, you'll  get partners who also use the d-pad. Think of it like coordinating two pong paddles at the same time with only one joystick. This allows you to things like juggle projectiles with your partner for Volley-Combos, which, if used in tandem with the Ultra-Volley, can do incredible damage to your foe.