Monday, October 1, 2012

Opposites Attack!

A world full of color faces a threat to the very thing it's known for: its bright, vibrant palette of wondrous colors.

A group of scientists were eager to create an object that could switch its colors at will, an ability nothing in their universe could do until now. They create Huebot Alpha, a robot that can switch to any color known to man. Unfortunately, this would be its downfall. One day, thanks to a nasty glitch, Alpha switches to Gray and is unable to switch out. Angrily, he starts to use his color changing abilities to turn everything around him gray; if he can't be colorful, no one can.

The scientist behind Alpha make Huebot 2, who can only switch to two separate colors. "Chroma", as the scientists call him, is now on a quest to return the 7 different towns around him back to their original colors, as well as defeat Alpha in the Mono-zone. Will he succeed, or is he bound to be another victim of this senseless color-bleaching?

Gameplay is similar to Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga. On the overworld, you use the different abilities of your two different colors, Red and Green, to solve puzzles in the different towns. Red has the ability to punch through hard objects such as boulders, and Green has the ability to shoot less powerful lasers at distant objects using his gun. You can jump using either ability.
Chroma shown in his two separate colors, Red and Green.
During battle, you can use your laser or your punch regardless of which form you're in. Punches are preformed three at a time, Left, Right, then an Uppercut, by pressing the A button three times in a rhythmic succession. For the laser gun, you hold the A button and then release it when it gets towards the top of a bar. (Later upgrades to your laser will allow you to fill up multiple bars before attacking.)

Enemies will come towards you after your turn. You have two different ways to defend: The block or the jump. Sometimes you will want to block and not jump, other times you must jump and not block. Most times, you will have to mix and match both. You will not take damage if you do it right!

Your different forms actually play like two separate characters, with both having different stats. Red is focused more towards Health and Attack, while Green is focused towards Defense and Speed. You can switch to either during battle before you attack.

Some enemies will be certain colors. Most of the time they are gray, but other times they will be colors such as Green or Red. If you want to deal more damage to an enemy, you should be the color opposite them. (Ex. Green would do more damage to Red enemies.) Later on, you'll get partners of different colors with different attacks, and different special moves you can perform with them.

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